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Developed by Watabou
Genre: RPG/Action
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 9.5/10

One of my new favorite genres in general are roguelikes. Its a relatively niche genre of RPG action adventure games in which they are characterized by random dungeons, items, perma-death and general difficulty. I recently picked up Pixel Dungeon for my Nexus 7 tablet and quickly have become addicted to it and it has risen in the ranks among my favorite roguelikes, if not my favorite.
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So like I said all roguelikes have similar features for the most part. Randomly generated items, enemies, dungeons, etc. and quick RPG like elements. Pixel Dungeon manages to cram in tons of features that most roguelikes have and some that a lot don't. For instance Pixel Dungeon features tons of potions and magic scrolls to help or hurt you and some of the effects are really cool such as area effects with poison and paralyze gasses. Fire is another detailed feature which can catch doors and grasses on fire or even yourself. There are traps which you can trigger and are hidden or you can trigger them remotely. Special wands can be used to teleport enemies, set them on fire, electrocute them or just hinder them with sheep.

Other dynamic features include vision hindrance. Meaning you can't see everything just what your person can literally see and doors and tall grasses can block your view. Weapons and armor are just as detailed allowing for buffs and curses to be placed on each and a good variety can be found. Pixel Dungeon is a very hard roguelike I have come to find out which may discourage newcomers to the genre but it will cater to the "hardcore" fans like myself although I think that it is not totally unfriendly to newcomers and can easily win over some new blood especially with the cute and simple pixelated graphics that does so well in the mobile app market.

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