7x7 Mobile App Review

7x7 mobile app review

Download 7x7 for free for Android
Developed by Kiip
Genre: Brain and Puzzle
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Kiip joins the mobile app gaming community with their first game related app, 7x7 which is quite a brain teaser. Think Bejeweled like matching but with a clean and minimalistic Google color schemed style.

7x7 strategyGameplay in 7x7 is very simple but it is this simplicity that really sets the tone for extreme addiction. You have a 7x7 grid and colored tiles on the board. The goal is to match like colored tiles by fours and to do this you can move any tile anywhere on the board (unless its blocked in by other tiles). Of course each move you make more tiles appear until you eventually get blocked in and can't make anymore matches.

Like I said, very simple gameplay mechanics. To complement this 7x7 has perhaps one of the cleanest and minimalistic graphical interface I have ever seen and it looks amazing. Games lately seem to think they have to rely on cartoon like busy graphics so it is refreshing to see a new direction in mobile app gaming. 7x7 is a free app for Android that is perfect for pick up and play. A must download.

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