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Developed by Chillingo
Genre: Action/Management
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

If you know me you'll know I love pixel art and subsequently play a lot of pixel based games such as Pixel Dungeon. So today's review is on another pixel based game aptly titled Pixel People.

pixel people splice listPixel People has the same cute pixel art style that Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes has but well...its city based. Although Pixel People reminds me of Tiny Tower in other ways than just graphics. Basically, though, the idea behind Pixel People is you are making a city and therefore you need houses to hold people and have to assign them jobs. And as you get jobs for them you get buildings to place. Now the big theme is you need to genetically splice people into their jobs. So you start out with a blank slate of a person and by splicing together different jobs you create a new job for that person. There are tons of combinations and the main source of fun for Pixel People.

However the splicing aspect as interesting an idea it is gets old quick for a few reasons. The first is that Pixel People has slight freemium tendencies where you have to succumb to time penalties or use special in game money to skip the time periods and can buy more using real money. The other reason is that the splicing process is pretty much me just randomly pairing things up until it says it works. I suppose the combinations make sense for the most part but it doesn't have that trial and error puzzle feel like Little Inferno has. Overall I did find Pixel People to be a good time waster for a while until I got fed up with the time restrictions but if those don't bother you this could be a great city simulator mobile game.

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