Zookeeper Battle Mobile App Review

zookeeper battle mobile app review

Downloaded Zookeeper Battle for free on Google Play or Itunes
Developed by Kiteretsu
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

Bejeweled Battle type games are a real hit with the flash and mobile game crowds and luckily developers do get quite creative with their iterations so the genre doesn't get too bland. For instance one of my first mobile app reviews was on Witch Wars which was a Bejeweled Battle type clone. Now I am reviewing one I like even better than Witch Wars; Zookeeper Battle.

Zookeeper battle app gameplaySo Zookeeper Battle is obviously the battle version of the normal Zookeeper mobile app which for all points and purposes is just like Bejeweled. The difference of course is that you are matching cute little pixelated zoo animals in Zookeeper Battle instead of jewels and gold. Now where the battle comes into play is like every other game of this sub-genre. The more matches you make the better off you will be against your opponent.

However, Zookeeper Battle takes an interesting take on the game. Wherein Witch Wars where you faced head to head in real time and you attack as you go along, Zookeeper Battle takes advantage of rounds much like a boxing match. Each zoo animal corresponds to either attack or defense attributes. So  hippopotamuses and elephants are defense and lions, frogs, panda bears, giraffes, and monkeys are attack. You also have a random animal each round which can act as both. So each round is timed and in that time period you try and match as many as you can. The round then ends and it shows how much attack and defense power you have. You then attack your opponent and if you're attack points beat his defense points then you do damage equal to the remainder, and vice verse. There are also random special tiles you can use to help you such as binoculars which show you all the possible matches, hearts which heal you, paint buckets which causes your opponents tiles to all be grey and the boss tile which creates useless boss tiles that do neither attack or defense.

What makes me like Zookeeper Battle over the other Bejeweled Battle type game I reviewed, Witch Wars, is that with the boxing style rounds it just gets more intense. I also like the cute zoo animals better as well. Overall, Zookeeper Battle is a great mobile game that you can easily sink hours into.

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