Jellyflop Mobile App Review

jellyflop mobile app review

Download Jellyflop for free for Android
Developed by Concrete Software
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

If there is one thing that Jellyfish love to do it is flop around, hence the title of this Android mobile app, Jellyflop. Draw lines to bounce this brave little jellyfish all around the sea and beach to victory!

Jellyflop level solutionsJellyflop employs a simple gameplay dynamic. You draw lines so that when the jellyfish falls down it bounces to where you want it to go. Of course you have a limited amount of jelly juice to draw lines and you also should go for stars to get that coveted perfect 3 Stars rating. While not a unqiue concept by a long shot, Jellyflop does manage to still be a fun game and a relevant mobile app with this concept due to a few factors.

One of those factors is that Jellyflop has a lot of levels to keep people occupied and to satisfy them for their free purchase. Specifically Jellyflop has 5 zones with 100 levels. Crazy I know. Jellyflop also tries and keeps levels interesting by having various environmental aspects around such as fans to blow the jellyfish around, teleports to teleport the jellyfish, etc. As far as mobile touch screen devices go, Jellyflop is perfectly adapted to this as you can just swipe your finger and draw all the jelly lines you want. So if you're looking for a fun puzzle mobile app game then try out Jellyflop, it is free and well worth it!

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