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tap shoot zombie android

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Developed by RotatingCanvas
Genre: Casual
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 6/10

RotatingCanvas is back with another name-centric rotating mobile app! This time its about shooting some zombies and who doesn't love shooting down zombies? Especially with cannons and magic spells!

tap shoot zombie zombies upgradesYes, I said shooting down zombies with magic spells. Anyways, the idea behind Tap Shoot Zombie! is simple. You tap, you shoot zombies. The way it works is you choose a weapon which then rotates around, you tap the screen to shoot and you aim for zombies. There are also powerups you can get such as money, powered up weapons, bombs, etc. Now the catch with Tap Shoot Zombie! is you can't miss three times. It is the old baseball rule, three strikes and you're out.

I appreciate the core idea behind Tap Shoot Zombie! I just feel it didn't reach full potential for a few reasons. Now, before I list those I will say Tap Shoot Zombie! is fairly addictive and a great casual game...just lacking in professional polish and feel the idea is getting squandered away. What I mean by this is for one the graphics are very poorly done and just do not fit well with each other. I mention this issue over at FlashMush Reviews quite a lot about how having mediocre graphics gives an unfair allusion of bad quality. I fell Tap Shoot Zombie! falls into that. I also feel that a lot more could be done with Tap Shoot Zombie! to make it better. Maybe moving zombies, different types of zombies (or at least more noticeable differences), better upgrades and a more fair shop (prices are ridiculous as of now). Overall though, I see the direction Tap Shoot Zombies! was going in and maybe someone will come along and make a stellar similar mobile app.

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