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Pakkuman's Defense pacman tower defense game

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Developed by Tametick
Genre: Arcade & Action
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

Pacman is a classic video game and almost literally everyone knows about it and has played some version or iteration of it. But classic as Pacman is, in today's gaming, both console or mobile, environment it would be considered boring. Retro but still boring. So how would you make Pacman more interesting? Well, Pakkuman's Defense did exactly this by combining the simplistic and retro Pacman game ideas with tower defense elements. Yes, Pacman Tower Defense. Who would have thought?
Pakkuman's Defense pacman tower defense

Gameplay in Pakkuman's Defense is actually quite simple. You have various maze levels a la Pacman and the goal is the same; collect all the pellets and not to get caught by the ghosts. However, in Pakkuman's Defense each pellet now is money and with that money you can place turrets on the walls of the maze which then shoot the ghosts as they come near effectively turning Pacman into a tower defense game.

Of course with each new level things get harder and harder and it actually gets quite challenging. There are also various powerups you can collect in Pakkuman's Defense to help you in your ghost killing quest. Overall I really enjoy the retro throwback with new age elements thrown in with Pakkuman's Defense and think Tametick is ingenious!

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