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MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

If there is one genre that has exploded in recent years it is the endless running genre. First it was popular in the 2D sense brought along by Canabalt and then later with the touch screen phenomena there was a rise in 3D-ish endless running games brought to popularity by Temple Run. Since Temple Run there have been countless feeble attempts at recreating its success and most just end up being blatant copies. However, when Google Play released their latest "best endless running games" list I found The End which has the typical Temple Run style but is much more fleshed out.

The End mobile app temple runSince I compared The End with Temple Run you all should know the general idea of gameplay. You play a character who is running and you need to swipe on your touchscreen device to jump over obstacles, slide under obstacles and turn left and right. You also can tilt your device to avoid other obstacles. Now, those are the basic gameplay dynamics that Temple Run sort of pioneered in my opinion or at least brought into popular light. The foundations if you will. From there, though, The End takes it and makes it 10x better.

First off the sheer amount of obstacles and different environments in The End completely blows Temple Run out of the water. In Temple Run there were trees, overhands and skinny lanes. The End features a multitude of obstacles you need to jump over including lava pits, wrecked cars, rubble, etc. All of which have multiple iterations of. You can also slide under a lot of these same obstacles such as semi trucks and buses parked in the way.

Perhaps the best way that The End beats out Temple Run is in the atmosphere aspect. The whole atmosphere surrounding The End is fairly obvious, it is during and post apocalypse  but not by generic zombies, nope by lava! Natural disasters I suppose. And to further propagate this there are missions you need to do in The End which go along with surviving in this apocalyptic world. The missions themselves are fairly generic like run this far, collect this amount of points, etc. But missions in general give incentive to play and increase replay value and addictiveness, all of which The End has plenty of. So if you want to step up your Temple Run game, try out a real game; The End.

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