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Genre: Brain & Puzzle
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Bejeweled really set the tone for match three puzzle games that you would play just to kill time or stress. As time has progressed many games have copied the Bejeweled formula and Bejeweled itself has really evolved into iterations like Bejeweled battle and blitz. The reason I'm talking about Bejeweled so much is that today's app review, Witch Wars: Puzzle, is one of these iterations of Bejeweled, but so much better.
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What makes Witch Wars: Puzzle better than the classic Bejeweled in my opinion? Well it just has more going for it and more thought was put into it rather than just the classic and now boring idea of match three. Basically Witch Wars: Puzzle is an iteration of Bejeweled Battle and games like that where as you match your gems or other icons things happen to an opponent you are playing against whether it be a computer player or real life person. In Witch Wars: Puzzle this happens as you have various symbols you are matching up. Handcuffs which will freeze or lock up random icons on your opponents screen, swords which take away health from your opponents health bar, magic books which increase your magic bar which you can then use to cast spells (I'll touch on that more later), coins which increase money you can use between games and health potions which heal you. As you can tell a lot of things are going on.

So you probably get the ultimate goal of Witch Wars: Puzzle, to kill your opponent through matching swords and magic spells. Of course matching everything else helps in that ultimate goal either through helping you or hindering/annoying your opponent. Let me explain the concept of spells for a minute as well, one of the best things about Witch Wars: Puzzle is that you play as a witch who has three various spells and there are a variety of witch characters you can choose from each having different spell types, so you can pick a witch which spells best suit your playing style.
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Now that you know the basics and controls of Witch Wars: Puzzle, it is time to mention that you can play against people online! Yes this is an online multiplayer game where you can destroy people from all over and boost your ego with your mad Bejeweled/Witch Wars: Puzzle skills. Overall, Witch Wars: Puzzle is a great breath of fresh air from stale Bejeweled app clones and really is worth playing!

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