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Download GYRO for free on Android and GYRO+ for $0.99 on Itunes
Developed by Vivid Games
Genre: Arcade & Action
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

You don't always need a really in depth game that draws you in with its deep storyline full of twists and turns, sometimes you just want a simple arcade game you can play for a few minutes at a time, or get addicted to and find yourself looking at the clock and its an hour later. This is the type of game GYRO is.

GYRO addicting gameplay screenshotSimplicity really is best sometimes and GYRO is exactly that and only consists of a few elements. The first element is a pie chart type graphic divided into three colored sections which you can spin and rotate. Next, there are colored balls which fly towards your pie chart character. Throw some powerups in there and that is it. Of course I haven't stated the goal yet but you may be able to guess that. Basically the goal is to rotate the pie chart so that the colored sections on the chart hit the colored balls as they come into contact. If you miss and hit a wrong color than that piece of the pie chart fills up a little bit with darkness, if one section fills up all the way then it is game over for you!

So simple yet so fun and more importantly so much fun. The powerups I mentioned earlier are also thrown in to allow for even more fun and addiction as they prolong your gameplay. On top of all this there are extras such as unlockable color sets, a timed mode and leader boards. So much is packed in the little package that is GYRO and you will find yourself addicted in no time!


  1. cool review this is a simple game but very addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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