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osmos solar system app android

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Developed by Hemisphere Games
Genre: Arcade & Action
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Looking for a peaceful and relaxing mobile app to play after a hard days work? Well... Osmos could be the game for you as I feel its meant to be relaxing but it certainly is a serious game that can provide some stress (at least for me).

osmos gravity
I was drawn to Osmos as I love the concept for the game and have played various flash games with similar concepts that I really enjoyed. This concept is you start out a small cell or something and you can absorb or eat cells that are smaller than you and as you eat other cells you grow and therefore can eat more cells, etc. Simple enough concept but Osmos takes it to a whole new puzzling level and adds a lot of interesting factors and control schemes.

First off the control scheme is worth mentioning as it is fairly unique but is one of the biggest deciding factors on whether or not you will enjoy the game as it takes some getting used to it. So where most flash games that I've played with this concept has simple WASD movement, Osmos takes a more physics based propulsion system. You basically move by tapping behind or in front of you and you shoot out a small part of you (which does make you a smaller) and that force propels you forward. It is hard to control, slowish and kind of awkward, but if you keep at it you start to get used to it. Also the slow pace of it all can be fixed by a handy tool Osmos has where you can speed up or slow down time and the pace of the whole game which has its pros and cons which you can find out when you play.
osmos cell size solutions

Osmos is more detailed than most games with this growing gimmick and it does this by introducing some interesting ideas and putting you in more puzzle based situations. Examples of these puzzle based situations is sometimes you are put into a really small space and you need to figure out the right order of enemy cells to consume so you can be the biggest and win. Examples of the interesting ideas include a more solar system based model with a sun type object which affects gravity and you are sort of pulled  along in its gravitational field which you can edit the course of as you move. Overall, Osmos is a pretty gun game that while simple on the outside does allow for some complex situations, just need to get over the weird control system first!



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