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Developed by Rouge Rocket Games
Genre: Arcade & Action
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

Back when touch screen phones and tablets were just hitting the stage I feel one game got a lot of attention; HalfBrick Studio's Fruit Ninja. Note that even Fruit Ninja may not have been the first game of this swipe to cut things genre but it is the most recognizable and arguably the most popolar app game with that theme. My point is that many games since Fruit Ninja have entered the scene to try and capitalize on some of that same success and most fail. However where most have failed I feel Sushi Chop has succeeded a bit, at least enough to catch my attention.
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The success I feel in the differentiation between most Fruit Ninja clones and Sushi Chop is one big thing. Sushi Chop is not just about cutting as much fruit (or in this case fish) as possible while avoiding bombs but there is a secondary goal which has a big impact on gameplay. Basically how Sushi Chop plays is you have a sushi plate platter in front of you with four slots. Each time you slice a fish one piece of cut fish aka sushi goes into a slot. Fill all four slots and you get another plate and then another. The catch here is that if you fail to fill a plate in the time limit then you lose a life. So not only can you lose a life if you hit a "bomb" (in Sushi Chop's case it is rotten fish) but if you don't fill the platters in the time limit you also lose a life.

Another gameplay feature that makes Sushi Chop different and in some ways better than Fruit Ninja is you can slice fish multiple times. In fact you can slice the fish enough times to fill one whole sushi platter with one fish (so four times). This also gives you a slight bonus and can you can run combos with it. Along side the base gameplay there is of course various powerups such as one that allows for all fresh fish to appear (no rotten fish), ones that increase points, one that increases the sushi platter size from four to six slots, and more!

Sushi chop gold upgradesBut what there is literally more! After each wave/level in Sushi Chop there is a bonus level in which you are challenged to chop a certain type of fish a certain amount of times before time runs out which helps in the points department. There is also another gameplay mode in which you are shown pictures of specific fish and you have to chop them in that order. On top of all that there is a shop in which you can buy different types of knives for better sushi chopping skill! Overall, in one phrase I guess I would say Sushi Chop is much more detailed than Fruit Ninja and deserves more attention!

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