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Developed by Cipher Prime
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
MobileMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Ever wanted to feel like a mad scientist? Messing with the human genome and making abominations? Well, in Splice: Tree of Life you do exactly that by splicing up various genes and creating new ones.

Honestly I'm up in the air with Splice: Tree of Life. There are a lot of good features and points that I like such as the general idea with splicing genes, rearranging them and duplicating them. I feel it is a pretty unique idea that hasn't been approached in this way before. I also like the presentation of it all and it is very professionally done and looks graphically stunning. Splice: Tree of Life also has tons of levels so for the price it is a great buy.
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However, while the presentation graphically is borderline perfect I think gameplay wise it was lacking. For instance when you first load up the game after downloading it you are kind of thrown in automatically. No discernible tutorial, at least that I could find, so you are thrown to the wolves per say to figure out the game for yourself. This almost turned me off completely but through trial and error I eventually figured out how the game works which is honestly kind of weird and without explanation makes it even more weird and more difficult. Overall though Splice: Tree of Life is a beautiful looking and pretty cool and unique mobile game so if you love puzzles this is the game for you!

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